Amish Baskets, Made in OH

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Ohio is home to a number of businesses that feature Amish-crafted products, from furniture and crafts to foods and baskets. Some sellers even offer custom products, making them an excellent source for unique gifts.

What is the symbolism of baskets?

Many Amish Baskets families are involved in basket making as a way to support their lifestyle. Some basket makers are third generation Amish. Some of the best baskets are woven by Amish weavers near their hometown.

Besides a large selection of rattan baskets in six different colors (burgundy, scarlet, blue, dark green, light brown, purple), Annie’s Amish Baskets also features a wide variety of pie carriers, Amish wicker hampers, kitchen and laundry baskets, picnic baskets, serving baskets and more.

These handmade baskets are crafted by Amish family members who live in southern Iowa and just across the border in northern Missouri. They make all kinds of specialty baskets, including boat baskets, corner baskets, dove release baskets, heart baskets, knitting and sewing storage baskets, melon baskets, organizer baskets, step baskets, wine carrier baskets, toilet paper holder baskets and waste baskets.

The Amish take pride in their work, and it shows in each heirloom quality basket they make. They also weave a lot of their own items, like rugs and quilts, to provide for their families.

Darla Best has been selling baskets at her business, Gingerich Amish Baskets, for the last six years. Her family is from a Swartzentruber Amish group, one of the most conservative subgroups of Old Order Amish. She also sells loom woven rugs and potholders, as well as trivets and aprons.

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