InventHelp Review

InventHelp has helped inventors protect their creations for over thirty-five years. This organization has offices throughout the US and Canada. They are an excellent resource for inventors at any stage of the invention process. They can help you market your invention, patent your invention, and even help you find full-scale manufacturers for your creation.

 Do inventors get royalties?

Invention promoters are a type of business that has earned $5 million to $15 million a year. They earn this by helping inventors promote their creations. Invention promoters can afford slick marketing materials and videos. They also have the ability to afford the costs associated with selling inventions. They can also pay for professional sketching and illustration.

Invention services reviews promoters can also offer a “poor man’s patent” by mailing documentation in a sealed envelope through certified mail. They have slim results, though. These inventors have received as much as $1 million.

InventHelp also offers a service called Bold Patents. This type of service helps seasoned business people and new inventors bring their inventions to market. They provide expert advice and guidance.

InventHelp’s core services include invention consulting, patenting, and 3D prototype model packages. They can also refer inventors to patent attorneys. Their team of researchers, writers, website facilitators, and animators work together to help inventors bring their creations to market. They also help inventors package their inventions, attend trade shows, and pitch their inventions to retailers.

The company has also created videos and 3D renderings of inventions to help inventors explain their creations. InventHelp can also help inventors pitch their inventions to investors. They have an excellent reputation for helping investors and entrepreneurs. They can also help inventors with licensing deals.