Hotels by Day Review

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Hotels by day  is a service that lets you book a hotel room for just the day instead of paying the full night rate. The company’s website and app show a list of available rooms for the time window you need, making it easy to confirm your reservation. It’s ideal for people with extended layovers at airports, road trip families that want to relax for a day or business travelers who need a place to work between meetings.

Founders Brian Dass and Yannis Moati had an extensive background in the hospitality industry which no doubt helped them craft their unique business model. Dass is a former GM of several restaurants and Moati has an impressive resume that includes conducting guided tours in Europe, directing a NYC global tour operator and co-founding a travel agency.

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Since securing no deal with the Sharks during their appearance on the show, Hotels By Day has continued to grow. They recently launched a sister app called FlexBook and have expanded their partner network from the 300 hotels they partnered with when they appeared on Shark Tank to over 450 cities.

The company has a four-star rating on Google Play and iTunes, with most reviews praising the access to hotels and convenience of the service. However, a few users have complained about glitches and slowness of the website or app. These issues should be addressed by the company soon as they can affect user experience.

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