How to Blacklist IP Addresses

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Whether you’re a website owner, a business owner, or just someone who uses the internet, there are certain decisions that will have a positive impact on your system. One of those involves blacklisting IP address.

An IP (Internet Protocol) how to blacklist IP is a unique sequence of numbers that connects your device to the rest of the world’s devices and services. This includes other computers, mobile devices, and services like email and video chat.

Blacklisting IP addresses can protect you from malicious activity, such as spammers, hackers, and scrapers. These malicious users may try to infiltrate your website and steal the sensitive information that is shared by your customers. This activity can also put an intense strain on your bandwidth and slow down your website significantly.

Determining VPN Usage: Verifying IP Authenticity

In addition to protecting your site from unwanted visitors, you can use an IP block list to prevent distractions and limit access to sites that might be harmful for employees or students. For example, many schools and businesses block access to social media and gambling sites. This helps keep students and workers focused on the task at hand and prevents them from experiencing a negative outcome as a result of their distractions.

There are a few different ways to block IP addresses, but the process varies by operating system. This article will walk you through the steps needed to block IP addresses using both Windows and Mac systems.

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