How to Evaluate a Portable Toilet Supplier

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Whether you’re orchestrating an outdoor festival, planning a backyard wedding or overseeing a construction project, you need a Columbus, OH supplier to meet your sanitation needs. The right choice will ensure your event or project runs smoothly. Unfortunately, selecting the right company can feel overwhelming with so many options to consider.

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When evaluating potential portable restroom suppliers, look for these four traits that set industry leaders apart from the rest.


The first step in assessing a company’s responsiveness is to determine how promptly they respond to inquiries. Look for how quickly they answer phone calls, text messages and/or Facebook requests. You’ll also want to make sure they offer 24/7 customer service, which may include a help center and FAQs page on their website.


The integrity of portable restrooms relies on the quality of the components used to construct them. As such, you’ll want to select a company that uses only top-of-the-line parts. Look for the following when evaluating a portable toilet supplier’s quality:

Ask about their emergency response procedures to see how quickly they will address and resolve issues that may arise during your event or construction project. This will prevent unnecessary delays and disruptions.

Find out if they provide supplies like soap and hand sanitizer. A reputable supplier will always keep an adequate supply on hand and will charge a nominal fee to replenish empty dispensers. Additionally, inquire about how often they clean their units. You’ll want a supplier that follows a consistent schedule and thoroughly cleans the interior and exterior of each unit.

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