How to Use an Email Address Tester

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email address tester

Email verification is an essential tool for any marketer. It can help improve your deliverability, boost your sender reputation and reduce bounce rates. It can also prevent you from sending messages to invalid addresses that could damage your brand image, damage your marketing metrics and get your account added to spam lists.

But how do you know if an email address tester is valid or not? If you’re not familiar with the process of checking an email, figuring it out manually can be time-consuming and risky.

To check an email, you need to know the two big steps: verifying the format of an address and confirming that the email account exists. The first step involves checking the syntax of an address – looking for things like typos, missing mandatory parts (local part, @ and domain), or usage of symbols that aren’t supported in email addresses.

The Ultimate Email Address Tester: How to Verify and Test Your Email Address for Optimal Security

The second step involves pinging an email server and checking whether the account is active. This is a technical process that requires the use of tools that communicate with email servers in a specific language and established standards. This method can be inefficient if you’re dealing with large email lists and can be costly if your email service doesn’t support it.

Luckily, there are easier and more efficient ways to validate an email. A reliable email verifier can help you check for invalid emails in bulk and make sure your mailing list is ready to be used. The best email validation tool is one that can be added to your data collection forms and can qualify new emails in real-time, so you don’t waste time trying to reach inactive or fake accounts.

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