Implementing a Cannabis and Weed Delivery Service

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As many legal marijuana stores have seen, introducing a delivery option can substantially increase sales and revenue. The challenge is implementing it while maintaining compliance with state and local laws governing retail operations. Some dispensaries are hiring dedicated delivery drivers, others are using third-party services like Eaze or Lantern to manage their logistics and ensure compliance with the law.

Can you deliver cannabis in Montana?

Adding cannabis deliveries requires a good amount of planning and budgeting. To begin, a business must consider what products to carry and what price points to offer. They must also decide on a delivery radius and determine how long it will take for a driver to travel that distance. Then they must decide whether to use a hub and spoke model where the products are delivered from a central location or go on the “ice cream truck” route where the couriers make the deliveries directly from their vehicles. Source :

Once a customer has chosen the products they want, they will enter their payment information online or with a phone app and arrange a delivery time. Most weed delivery companies strive to deliver within an hour or two but it can depend on the day of the week and the location.

Unlike brick-and-mortar dispensaries, where robberies are not uncommon, a delivery courier will typically be driving inconspicuously in an unmarked vehicle and making electronic transactions with debit cards rather than large sums of cash. That will reduce the risk of robbery from both the point-of-sale system and on the road.

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