Keys to Finding a Whistleblower Lawyer

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keys to finding a whistleblower lawyer

There are many types of legal cases, but there are few that require the specialized knowledge and attention to detail that keys to finding a whistleblower lawyer cases demand. When choosing a lawyer to represent you in a whistleblower case, it is important to find one who will give your case the full attention that it requires and will treat your case with the care and integrity that it deserves.

As with all attorneys, a lawyer’s experience is important. However, with whistleblower cases, it is critical to have an attorney who has experience with the federal False Claims Act and the specific laws pertaining to your type of fraud, such as securities fraud, financial fraud in commodity futures, options, or swap markets, tax fraud, and healthcare and government contracting fraud.

Unlocking Justice: Essential Keys to Finding the Perfect Whistleblower Lawyer

You also want to choose a firm that has enough resources to support your case. This includes sufficient staff and technology as well as access to experts. A whistleblower case can be lengthy and resource-intensive, so it is important to make sure your law firm has the resources needed to properly advance your claim.

Finally, you should look for a lawyer or firm that has a track record of success in whistleblower cases. This can be demonstrated through the results of past cases and successful awards for whistleblowers. It can also be demonstrated through the firm’s commitment to the causes of whistleblowers, such as by donating pro bono representation for people who otherwise could not afford a lawyer.

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