Pepsi Flavors

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pepsi flavors

Pepsi flavors are not limited to the original orange, lime, and cola varieties. Other flavors have also been made popular by different celebrities, including Britney Spears. The company’s products are sold in all regions of the world, from Asia to Africa, and include non-carbonated beverages, such as water and diet sodas. Regardless of the product, its flavors are known all over the world, and some are even regionally specific.

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In addition to cola, Pepsi has a line of flavored waters, including Mango, Raspberry, and Pepsi Berry. These flavors are available in 12-ounce cans in twelve-packs at national retailers, including Walmart. Pepsi Berry and Lime are also available in eight-packs at Walmart. All three varieties are naturally flavored and contain 1% fruit juice. Regardless of the variety, Pepsi can be enjoyed by almost everyone.

While sugar and salt are commonly used in sodas, the flavor of salted watermelon is unique. The combination of these two ingredients is unusual for a soda, but some people also add salted peanuts to their beverage. A limited-edition salted watermelon Pepsi was released in Japan in 2012, and while it was far from the top of the soda category, its taste was a big hit.

One of the best-known flavors of Pepsi is the classic chocolate. It has been available in its current form since 1961. Prior to that, Pepsi came under various names: Pepsi Free and Wild Cherry Pepsi. The company also launched Pepsi Raspberry in 1991, as part of a new line of flavored colas known as Pepsi Wild Bunch. Initially, it was said to taste like a burst of Raspberry flavor.

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