The Best Weed Vapes

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best weed vapes

When it comes to smoking cannabis, weed vapes are one of the easiest ways to go. They’re discreet, easy to use, and they don’t reek or make you look like a stoner asshole. They also produce less smoke, making them better for your lungs. And weed vapes often provide more potent effects than other cannabis consumption methods.

Here’s our selection of the best weed vapes to help you get started.

The Pax 2 Vaporizer

The industry-leading original Pax has best weed vapes supplanted by the slicker, easier-to-use Pax 2. It still does everything that its predecessor did — smoke both dry herb and concentrate, swap modules on the fly, heat to exacting temperatures, super simple USB charging – but it does all a little bit better. The Pax 2 is sleeker, it’s easier to clean, it has a slightly longer battery life, the chamber is larger, and it has an improved flavor profile.

A Guide to the Top-Rated Weed Vapes: Enhance Your Cannabis Consumption

Founded a decade ago, Hollyweed got everyone’s attention when hemp was legalized in the USA. They’ve since become a top-rated brand for their products that help you relax and sleep better. Their weed vapes are made from premium ingredients and come pre-filled with a strain to fit your needs, like the OG Kush vape that enhances well-being or the Delta 8 live resin THC-P vape that elevates moods.

BudPop is a newer brand, but they’re already reshaping the cannabis industry with their fresh perspective and dedication to quality. Their customers rave about their weed vape cartridges that deliver a smooth, flavorful high. They love the way the terpenes are mixed and matched, the ease of use, and the great customer support.

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