Types and Styles of Roofing

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Replacing a roof in Florida will be slightly more expensive than other states is one of the oldest and most important building components in a structure. It protects and shelters those inside from the elements while allowing in light and fresh air. Today’s homeowners have a wide selection of roof types and styles from which to choose – including asphalt shingles, metal, clay or concrete tiles. While cost is always a consideration for homeowners, it is also important to weigh the long-term durability and maintenance of the selected material as well as its ability to resist damage from weather extremes, such as hail.

The type of roofing used will be dependent on the region, architecture and style of the home or business. Craftsman style homes may require a roof with medium pitch, while regal style structures might have steeply pitched roofs. Sloped roofs are more common in regions that receive frequent rainfall and snow.

Roofing Maintenance Tips: How to Keep Your Roof in Top Shape

A gable roof has two slopes that form an “A” shape or a triangle. It is a popular style of roofing in many European and American buildings. A hip roof has four or more sloped sections that form a T or L shape. A mansard (French roof) has a shallow slope above a steeper slope, which can be curved.

Tile, whether clay or concrete, is a beautiful and durable roofing material. Mission and Spanish-style round-topped tiles are a favorite in the Southwest and Florida. Slate, which is more expensive than tile but very durable, is a great choice for upscale homes and is invulnerable to rot. Rubber is an affordable, environmentally friendly roofing option that can be made to look like slate or wood. It’s also heat-reflecting, lowering energy bills in the summer.

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