What Is a Caster Wheel?

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A caster wheel can be used to move objects. Its purpose is to provide stability and mobility to items, which are often heavy. It is made from a plastic or metal material that is made of two parts. The inner part of the wheel is a two-part bearing that is locked into place by a pneumatic press. The outer part is made of steel guides that prevent dirt from entering the wheel. The wheel is then installed between two yokes, and the steel wheel axle is attached with a bolt head and a nut. The ball bearings are lubricated with grease, and casters are subjected to quality control testing to ensure they function properly.

Does tire size affect caster?

There are many different types of casters. Each one has its own specific purpose and needs. There are swivel casters and rigid casters, and there are even hybrid casters, which are ideal for certain applications. The type you choose depends on the application you have for a caster, as well as the load capacity of the product. In addition, you must choose the right size for your caster. The larger the wheel diameter, the more load it can carry. A larger wheel width will increase rolling comfort and reduce noise.

Ferrous casters are suitable for areas where food is prepared or stored. They offer high load capacity and are resistant to impact. They can be used in harsh environments, such as food preparation facilities, and are available in NSF-certified versions. The material used for ferrous caster wheels varies, and it is important to choose the right one for your environment. More info : castercity.com

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