What is a Cutaway Collar Shirt?

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cutaway collar shirt

A cutaway collar shirt is a collar that is a lot wider than the traditional point collar. It is a style that looks more contemporary and elegant than the classic point collar shirt. It is ideal for a wide variety of tie knots, including the Windsor, half Windsor and bow tie.

Moreover, this type of collar is the most suitable choice for a shirt with a very wide tie knot such as the full or half Windsor, because its point width is much wider than that of a regular point collar. This means that it can be paired with the largest tie knots, as long as they are not too large and bulky.

It is also a great choice for a shirt with a slim tie knot, such as the double tie knot. The wide spread of the cutaway collar enables it to accommodate these types of tie knots and make them look very attractive.

The Complete Guide to Wearing Cutaway Collar Shirts: Tips and Styling Ideas

This collar type is the most elegant of all the collars, as it creates a very clean and sophisticated silhouette for the neckband of the shirt. It also offers a nice contrast with the vertical lines of your lapels and tie, creating a very handsome appearance.

The collar of the shirt can be a very important element for expressing your personality and personal taste. But it is essential to remember that every style is not suitable for everyone. Depending on your outfit and the occasion, you should choose a different collar style. For example, a button-down would be inappropriate for black tie occasions and an extreme cutaway would look out of place with chinos or a tweed jacket.

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